Events and documents of year 1960

Documenting antisemitism and neo-Nazism after WW2


Letter from Simon Wiesenthal to the “Aktion gegen den Antisemitismus in Österreich” (Vienna), regarding the fight against anti-Semitism, and the situation in Egypt (no extradition, protection of war criminals, neo-Nazi meeting in Cairo). Attached list of war criminals residing in Egypt (among others: Leopold Gleim, Oskar Dirlewanger, and Bernard Bender), dated 15 April, 1960



Report of Simon Wiesenthal on radicalization of the extreme right in Austria, on various events like Solstice celebrations, and Narvik celebration), and re-permission to wear the Nazi orders without the swastika, dated July 1960


Connections with other survivor organisations


Correspondence between SW and Zachariah Shuster from the American Jewish Committee (Paris, France), concerning the International Auschwitz Committee, its development into a power plant of communist propaganda and establishment of a new, impartial Auschwitz Committee, from 4 October, 1960 to 7 October, 1960



Letter from Isaac Schneersohn, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Mémorial de la Shoah (Paris, France) to Simon Wiesenthal, inviting him to give a lecture in Paris on war criminals, and proposing to travel to Poland to collect materials for the exhibition on the Warsaw Ghetto, dated 11 July, 1960



Correspondence between Simon Wiesenthal and H.G. van Dam (Central Council of Jews in Germany, Düsseldorf, FRG), concerning Wiesenthal’s request to establish contact with Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank), since he believes to know where the man who arrested the Frank family is, as well as information from the Central Council to Wiesenthal concerning the ban on the kosher slaughter, and information from SW concerning the danger that since the transfer to Warsaw (Poland) the International Auschwitz Committee could become a tool of communist propaganda, and his proposal to found a new Auschwitz Committee (in Vienna, Austria), from 18 July, 1960 to 4 October, 1960


Holocaust remembrance


Correspondence between Simon Wiesenthal and the Israeli ambassador, Yecheskel Sahar (Vienna, Austria), regarding the importance of a memorial in Mauthausen, from 21 May, 1960 to 29 May, 1960


“Nazi hunt”


Letter from Hermann Langbein, Secretary General of the International Auschwitz Committee in Austria (Vienna) to Freiherr v. Schowingen Schabinger (Freiburg, FRG), regarding investigation proceedings against Josef Mengele as well as his family members in Argentina, dated 9 September, 1960



Letter from Simon Wiesenthal to Arieh L. Kubovy from Yad Vashem (Jerusalem, Israel), regarding Franz Murer and his release in the USSR, as well as his whereabouts in Austria, dated 12 July, 1960