Events and documents of year 1959

Documenting antisemitism and neo-Nazism after WW2


Letter from Simon Wiesenthal to Zachariah Shuster from the American Jewish Committee (Paris, France), regarding a meeting of Slovaks (Exile Association of Slovaks based in Munich, FRG) in Salzburg (Austria), chaired by Ferdinand Durcansky, former Foreign Minister of the fascist Slovak government, and reporting on cooperation with the “Hauptverband der Sudetendeutschen Landsmannschaften Österreichs”, which is engaged in neo-Nazi activities, from 21 December, 1959 to 22 December, 1959


Refugees in Austria in the 1950s


Request from Gerda J. Jacobson (Coordinating Liaison Officer, Foreign Service of the United States of America, Refugee & Migration Section, Nuremberg, FRG) to Simon Wiesenthal to assist the Quaker Felix Wedgwood-Oppenheim in his refugee work in Asten DP camp, dated 6 March, 1959