Events and documents of year 1955

Holocaust philately


Correspondence between Marek Kieszkowski (Warsaw, Poland) and Simon Wiesenthal, on exchange of postage stamps and letters from the Warsaw 1944 Uprising, from ghettos, and from the General Government, from 24 November, 1955 to 1 December, 1955


Care for Jewish Holocaust survivors in the DP-camps


Letter from Samuel Sztrum (Vienna, Austria) to Simon Wiesenthal concerning confirmation of imprisonment in Mauthausen and Linz II camps, dated 28 January, 1955




Correspondence between Hans Behrendt from the United Restitution Organization, Porto Alegre Office (Brazil) and Simon Wiesenthal, concerning application for restitution of Salomon Horth, goldsmith from Hungary, who lived in the Asten DP camp (Austria) until 1954 and moved to Brazil, from 12 May, 1955 to 31 May, 1955


Bringing the “Linz-collection” to Yad Vashem in Israel


Letter from Tuvia Friedman, director of the Haifa Branch of Yad Vashem (Haifa, Israel) to the management of Yad Vashem (Jerusalem, Israel), describing the collection of documents collected since 1945 which Simon Wiesenthal wishes to donate to Yad Vashem for a nominal sum, dated 11 September, 1955